Friday, 30 June 2017

5 Best Paying Bitcoin Faucets

In this article, I will be showing you some of the best free faucet websites where you can get free bitcoin, litecoin, and dogecoin.

I know some people say faucets are not good and that a few coins you receive from faucets are not worth your time. But let me tell you - I have seen some people get around $2 worth of bitcoin weekly when consistently using some of these faucets below.

And if the value of bitcoin increases by ten or a hundred fold from what is it now, then your investment will be worth it.

I know from experience that many faucets are cluttered with spam, malware, ads, and bad user experiences in general, but I have only picked the best ones I use so you do not have to waste any time with those fruitless faucets.

This first one is among my favorites. It is very simple to use and you can claim some satoshi every hour. It uses a captcha that you have to pass like every other faucet before you claim your coins. is not only a faucet, but it is also a gambling site you can use to gamble if you are into such. This site also offers bitcoin savings account service where you can earn 4.08% yearly and that is about 0.0109589% per day, which is cool.

There is also a lottery and rewards program at and if you generate enough points during participation, you can claim it for electronics, hardware wallets, gift certificates, and bonuses depending on the points you earn.

I recommend this site as one of the trustworthy and paying bitcoin faucets out there.

The free dogecoin faucet is the same company that owns It works almost in the same way as does.

You can claim some free dogecoins every hour with their faucet. They also offer gambling services, but no savings account.

They have a referral program like their sister site which you can use to earn more by referring your friends.

This is among the best faucets out there because they give you a daily loyalty bonus for visiting the site daily to claim free bitcoins. Of course, there is a captcha test to prove you are human in other to claim some free coins.

You will need to have claimed at least 2500 satoshi before the coins can be paid into your bitcoin wallet. Balances are paid instantly if you use a Xapo wallet but using any other wallet, you will receive your bitcoin every Saturdays/Sundays each week.

Moon Litecoin is a litecoin faucet that pays their users as well. The amount of litoshi they give out is quite much compared to what their bitcoin site gives.

If you don't have a Litecoin wallet, head onto to open a free one. The balance of your claimed litoshi will be paid directly to your wallet once it is up to 500,000 litoshi.

This dogecoin faucet can give you at least 1-3 dogecoins per day and you know what that would mean if the price of dogecoin reaches the coveted $1 price. 

You can also get a free dogecoin wallet from

Dogecoins has a lot of potentials and the community behind the project is quite large. I have seen dogecoin been used in some of the top gambling sites and getting more of this coin to hold for the long term may prove worthwhile.

I love this site because it is so clean and has lots of bonuses every time you use it. They also a referral program that pays you 25% commission of the lifetime claims of your referrals.

This is a really interesting bitcoin faucets because after claiming your free bitcoin you can play games such as blackjack, trips or better, lottery rush and baccarat.

It takes 70,000 satoshis before you can withdraw your balance. Other ways you can earn on is by participating in their promotional raffle draws and referral program.

That is my list of best bitcoin faucets you can use to generate some free bitcoin.

I wish you all the best as you go gather some free bitcoin. Is there any good faucet I did not mention, let me know in the comment section.

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